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Satisfied Saturday Six

The SSS celebrates six things that have gone well, or at least okay, in the past week. It is the creation of Terry Egan, who is all things wonderful.

Hmm, it has been a very quiet week this week, so I may have trouble thinking of anything particularly good which has happened.

  1. It is currently snowing. Not enough to make the world properly white, but it’s still quite pleasing.
  2. I have started writing in a safe space about stories I’ve enjoyed recently. This is difficult for me because I don’t like sharing my taste in things because I presume that everyone is going to tell me what awful taste I have and what a terrible person I am for liking [x] or [y]. So this is a cautious way of trying to get over that.
  3. I had a hair cut this week 🙂 I’ve wanted one literally for months but haven’t been able to get to the hairdresser (the one time I managed, the queue was too long for it to be feasible). So my mum came over and cut it for me! Yay.
  4. I got a little bit of writing done this week. Not vast quantities, but it’s nice to keep things going.
  5. Sports results went well this week. This is always cheering for me.
  6. Um um um…. it’s not that particularly awful things have happened this week, just I’ve spent most of it in bed and it doesn’t give much room for excitement, quite honestly. (Shut up, all ye with dirty minds. I’m not going to be telling you about that, either way.) Okay, I ordered something online and it arrived much earlier than I anticipated, which is highly convenient and may well save me money. Yay.

Satisfied Saturday Six

Happy Christmas to those who celebrate! Enjoy the glorious late December days, everyone else 🙂

  1. I am feeling all loved up today because it is twenty-one years precisely since I first kissed Lovely Partner. Can I just point out how exceptionally young I was at the time? 😉 Anyway, we are very happy and in love (at least, I am – I shouldn’t speak for him, I guess!) so it was the best Christmas kiss ever.
  2. I am feeling doubly loved up because I discovered I was pregnant twelve years ago today, with Splendid Son. It was quite early to find out, but I wanted to make sure I could drink alcohol on Christmas Day, so I took a test. I couldn’t. I didn’t mind, strangely enough!
  3. My lovely sister is down staying with my parents, and I got to spend some time with her yesterday, which was very nice. Especially as a friend – originally her friend, but I’m co-opting her as my own as well – came over with her family, which made for chaos, but lovely chaos. (I admit I’ve spent most of today in bed, mind!)
  4. I have been making some new online friends this week, which is very pleasing. As I don’t get out much, making friends online is really important to me – plus, I tend to interact better in writing than in person, which means that it’s a great way for me to ‘meet’ people (and I end up meeting quite a lot of them in person in the end).
  5. The proofs of Love Plus One have come through for a final check. Very exciting – it makes everything seem very close now!
  6. I dyed my hair and now it is bright blue and very cheerful.

Satisfied Saturday Six

  1. So, I missed writing last week, so I might not have pointed out my latest article on Harry Potter trivia to all and sundry. Yay? Yay.
  2. I’ve also done a little bit of writing after a couple of weeks of blankness. Not much, but it’s an improvement on nothing, and I’ll take that!
  3. Ooh, I had my hair cut on Monday (not as short as I intended, but the hairdresser had ideas of his own, and I do as I’m told), and then managed to dye it blue (intentionally!) so I am cheered up by the way that is looking.
  4. I had a nice, albeit quiet, Samhain celebration with Splendid Son. Happy Celtic New Year, folks!
  5. I dabble in fanfiction occasionally, and someone asked permission to translate something I wrote into Russian, which is very flattering.
  6. Last Saturday, I watched Charlton Athletic win against Chesterfield (football). It was the first time this season that Splendid Son and I (we’re season ticket holders, though we can’t go every time) had seen a win, so it was splendid!

Satisfied Saturday Six



  1. As I think I’ve probably gone on about more than anyone needs to know, my health is not the best thing in the world. But I have been put on a new medicine recently, and it really seems to be having a good effect. I’m amazed and delighted, and suddenly back at the point of going “oh my goodness, doctoring is like *magic* sometimes, isn’t it?!”
  2. My next novel, The Sisterhood, is available for pre-order on Amazon.com, in all its “look, it has an amazing cover!” glory. I’m a bit self-conscious about this one, because it’s (by my standards) quite a grown-up novel and I’m rather proud of it. Which means that I’m terrified everyone else is going to hate it, of course!
  3. I had my hair cut really quite short a fortnight ago, and intended to colour it purple. However, I seem to have ended up with very short, ginger-and-green hair. Weirdly, it seems to suit me, and I want to keep it!
  4. I’m currently editing a set of three gay erotic stories for Nine Star Press. Whilst editing is never an entirely wonderful experience, I have always found (which says a lot for my editors) that it is a good and useful one, because my stories always end up the better for it. My stories are ending up the better for the editing. 🙂 And I tend to enjoy it a lot more than I think I will!
  5. I’ve spent time either by phone or in person with my close family this week, and goodness, it is a good thing! I am exceedingly lucky in that sense. Dear relations, you are all rather wonderful!
  6. I bought some new clothes this week. I am not inclined in that direction, which makes it worth a comment! But it is nice to have a few things which actually fit me 🙂

Satisfied Saturday Six

The SSS celebrates six things that have gone well, or at least okay, in the past week. It is the creation of Terry Egan, who is all things wonderful.

  1. I got a request from an ME group  to allow them to translate my blog post, Five Things People With CFS/ME Would Be Happy Never to Hear Again (And What We’d Like You to Say) into Dutch. Needless to say, I’m delighted for them to do so!

2. I haven’t written as much of The Sisterhood (my new novel) this week as I’d like – ill health (having ME – see above if you don’t know much about it!) has been dogging me more than usual. However, I am getting really inspired and I keep having inspirations about different bits and how the story fits together.

(I don’t write in a linear fashion, which has both up sides and down. The ‘up’ is always having a bit of the story to get on with – if I can’t find inspiration for one scene, I just write a different one. The ‘down’ is the complication of trying to fit all the bits together in the correct order, since I don’t always know where a certain scene will go; or, if I’m not entirely organised, accidentally writing the same scene twice. NOT that I’d ever really do that, obviously…)

3. Child and I are going to Wales for the week to visit thoroughly excellent people. In fact, we’re probably in transit as you read this, as I wrote it last night and scheduled it to post today 🙂

4. Child has been on a football training course this week, and really enjoyed it. He did one at the end of May and has cheerfully been telling me that he can see the difference between then and now.

5. I am thanking my lucky stars, however, that we still have him – and a house. I bought, a short while ago, an electric fan. I find it very hard to sleep in hot weather, which is hugely problematic to my health. It only cost about £10… but now I know why. When my son was sleeping in our bedroom on his own with the fan on, at some point during the early evening, the fan jammed. When I went to go to bed myself (and throw Child into his own room), there was a strong smell of burning and when I tried to stop it, part of it fell on the floor. As it was very hot, I had a small fear that it was going to set the carpet alight. Thankfully, this story has a happy ending – the fan did not cause any havoc and disaster above terrifying me out of several years of life and a revolting smell in our room.

6. Having dyed my hair black after it was blue and green, I have noticed that it is beginning to go very dark blue, with equally dark purple and green bits. I look like a Goth Mermaid. I’m not sure I actually want to look like a Goth Mermaid, but it’s quite interesting to see it change colour every time I wash it.

Satisfied Saturday Six

The SSS celebrates six things that have gone well, or at least okay, in the past week. It is the creation of Terry Egan, who is all things wonderful.

1. I was supposed to post this yesterday for ‘Friday (Non)Fiction’ but I forgot. Oops. Anyway, I have written another piece for the Huffington Post about hair-discrimination (I kid you not). I guess at least my hair colour is a choice, unlike race, gender, disability etc…

2. Talking of yesterday, whilst I wasn’t posting the above link, I was feeling extremely happy. Nope, not for any exciting reason. I was just happy for no reason at all. It was most splendid!

3. I now have two-thirds of my Regency article written, and am enjoying it more and more. I need to pull the strings together and write a conclusion (possibly “if leeches and blood-letting were conventional medicine, I think I might try alternative routes, too!”), and then edit the hell out of it. (Pretty much all writers will tell you that ‘editing the hell out of it’ is a big part of their job.)

4. My ex-work have very kindly offered to let me keep the baby dalek…. sorry, the small mobility scooter… that the Access For Work scheme provided. This makes me almost as mobile as an able-bodied person, so it is extremely exciting!

Also, on a brief digression, I got the baby dalek two years ago from Herne Bay Mobility – an excellent place with an Actual Dalek in their shop! The lovely David there also told me about Sci Fi By The Sea – which by a coincidence I will be attending again tomorrow 🙂

5. I’ve been planning holidays for this summer and next easter/summer (date as yet undecided), which is very much fun.

6. Having been attempting and failing to do anything with dieting over the last month or so, I actually lost some weight this week. I then went out for a lovely meal as it was my father’s birthday, which probably means that I lose all the benefit, but both the weight loss and the meal were very pleasing.

Satisfied Saturday Six

The SSS celebrates six things that have gone well, or at least okay, in the past week. It is the creation of Terry Egan, who is all things wonderful.

1. Started an article for ‘Jane Austen’s Regency World’ about cranks and quacks and so-called medical ‘cures’ in the Regency. Quite fun, and I get to google really random stuff.

2.  You really have to see this film of an octopus carrying a coconut shell! It is the best thing I’ve seen for ages.

3. I went out for a meal with my boys last Sunday, as a last hurrah for half-term. It was really lovely to be out with them 🙂

4. I’ve had a think about things I’ve been doing out of habit rather than from enjoyment, and made plans to cut down on things which aren’t bringing much joy into my life.

5. I’m still very much enjoying having blue and green hair. I keep forgetting and then remembering when someone gives me a weird look!

6. I had an efficient day yesterday and made a couple of phone calls. The phone is the bane of my existence, so this is much more impressive than it sounds!

Satisfied Saturday Six

The SSS celebrates six things that have gone well, or at least okay, in the past week. It is the creation of Terry Egan, who is all things wonderful.

1. Child has had a delightful time at football (soccer) coaching this week, with Charlton Athletic’s community branch.

2. I dyed my hair 🙂 I am now blue-and-green and mermaidish. Strangely, the spell check doesn’t believe ‘mermaidish’ is a word. I now desire to feature the word on my ‘Wednesday Word of the Week’.

3. I’m working on the new novel. I’ve currently written 20,000 words, which is much more than I had realised I’d written. AND I’m still early enough in the process that I think it’s a good story. By the time anything gets to publication, I’m at the point of thinking “oh gods, this is just dreadful – if I have to look through it again I think I may just delete the entire thing!” I like to think of this as authorly paranoia, rather than “Finally I See The Truth”.

4. I’ve had a while when I’ve been struggling with brain function enough that I’ve been unable to read new-to-me books. This is quite major brain dysfunction for me (I’d read upwards of 60 new books between January and the beginning of May), but thankfully appears to be fading. I’m not able to read complicated new things, but have read a couple of crime novels in the last few days.

5. I dealt (reasonably) well with a difficult phone conversation this week. Unlike reading, phones are difficult for me at the BEST of times, which this wasn’t.

6. Child found a game (in Aquila magazine, in case you’re wondering) in which you throw dice and use the outcome to draw monsters. This is far too much fun, especially with a ‘consequences’ style ‘name the monster and give details about it’ second round (which might have been my idea 😉 )