Satisfied Saturday Six

  1. We organised downstairs cupboards and the porch and back lobby this week, which is good. Oh my goodness, we have organised cupboards!
  2. I’ve got the first edits on One Plus One  (Maths Part Two) and my editor is really enthusiastic about the story, which is making me feel so good.
  3. I’ve also finished Maths Part Three (no definite title yet, but I’m calling it Three’s Company for the moment) to the point that it’s ready to be sent to my editor. But that will have to wait until I’ve finished with Part Two 🙂
  4. Scarily enough, I also wrote a bit on Maths Part Four (yes, I might just be obsessed with these characters).
  5. Splendid Son got good news in that he’s got into the Secondary School of his choice. We anticipated there being no problem (boastful mother moment: he did brilliantly in the test they make kids do in my area) but it’s comforting to have the confirmation. He was also, coincidentally, singing in a concert in that very school the evening we heard!
  6. I had an Indian Head Massage on Wednesday, which was really nice. AND I got some bras and supportive vest tops which actually fit (is that the sort of thing one’s not supposed to share? I’m never very good at knowing boundaries. Sorry, if so!) so I am quite pleased with that.

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