Novels, Novellas and Anthologies


The Sisterhood is my newest novel, and was published in June 2016. It’s another lesbian historical romance, set a little bit earlier than Petticoats (see below for more about that one), in the early years of the 19th Century. It’s my most ambitious story to date, so I am very much hoping that people like it.


When Charity Bellingham visits London for the Season, she has no idea what adventures lie ahead. But a chance meeting with the beautiful Isobelle Greenaway will have long term consequences as Charity discovers things about London society, about slavery, and most of all about herself.

But it’s the introduction to The Sisterhood–a secret society of ladies–that will impact and change her life forever.


Petticoats and Promises was my first full-length historical novel, and it was published by Bella Books in February 2015. It follows the story of Serena Coleridge, a young lady with a secret passion for her best friend, Clara. It is a finalist in the GCLS Goldie Awards.

Equal in station and age, it was foreseeable that neighbors Clara Battersley and Serena Coleridge would become fast friends. More surprising is that they would become lovers&em;a secret they tell no one.
Giddy with love and the prospect of their London season, they are about to embark on a social whirl of fashionable, high season balls. But Serena’s fortunes are reversed by Napoleon’s escape from Elba. Her financial resources compromised, the two debutantes are parted.
Bereft and facing unbearable pressure to conform to social and family expectations, how can they keep the promises of their hearts?
Petticoats was reviewed by Lamba Literary here (“Told in the refreshingly simple yet eloquent voice of the deeply passionate and emotive Serena, this tale quickly becomes a surprising page-turner”) and also has good reviews on Amazon.


One Kiss From A Stranger was my debut novel. It is a contemporary heterosexual romantic novel with a traditional hero and heroine for whom true love certainly does not run smooth.
Sylvia Rose isn’t interested in romance. Between advancing her career and looking after her chronically ill sister, she doesn’t have time. And one kiss from a handsome stranger isn’t going to change her mind.
But when the stranger turns out to be her new boss, Campion Benoni, Sylvia finds it hard to ignore her growing attraction to him. Beset by family problems and finding herself mixed up in the relationship difficulties of Campion’s brother, Isaac, Sylvia struggles to keep her cool. Has romance found her after all? Or will she have to watch as her life disintegrates around her?
One Kiss has been reviewed by ‘Joyfully Reviewed’ here and was also given five flutes from ‘Cocktail Reviews’.



Too Good To Be True is a contemporary heterosexual erotic romance novella with a very unromantic heroine called Mandy. I rather love Mandy.
Mandy thinks her love life, not to mention her sex life, is over for good when her husband leaves her—for an older woman. A chance encounter with a gorgeous man begins to change her mind. Scarcely daring to believe her luck when Jon asks her to meet him again, she agrees. One dizzyingly fantastic night of lust later, Mandy is in heaven.
But Jon has a secret. Has Mandy moved from a cheating husband to a man with an even more sinister past? Will she get the chance to explore the range of sexual possibilities Jon is introducing her to, or is her new life too good to be true?
Too Good To Be True was reviewed by ‘Night Owl Reviews’ here (” I can honestly say this has been one of the best romances I’ve read in recent weeks”), by ‘Book Binge’ here (“Overall this was a very cute, quick (45 pages), sexy read that I enjoyed reading”), by ‘Book Wenches’ here (” I like the unexpected, and I enjoy a trip outside the box, and this was just the ticket.”) and by Whipped Cream here (“This story has heart”).



Loving My Lady was my first attempt at a longer Regency lesbian romance. After being out of print for quite a while, it’s now been re-published by eXcessica.


When her father dies, Cordelia Brownlow’s future looks bleak. She has no money and must sell Ashworth, the family house, in order to pay the debts of honor that her father ran up. The offer her cousin, Lady Dennyson, makes to buy Ashworth and keep Cordelia on as a companion seems like the answer to her prayers. But Lady Juliet Dennyson has an unusual idea of the duties (and pleasures) of a ‘companion’, and Cordelia finds herself falling in love with the lady who shows her delights of the body she’s never imagined. Lady Juliet has secrets in her past and they threaten to spill over into the present, destroying her relationship with Cordelia. Can Lady Juliet learn to live with her past – and can Cordelia accept it, too?


Spirit is a gay novella set in an advertising agency, published by Dreamspinner in March 2012. Grant McDowell dislikes boss’s son Tristan Wetherby-Hyde on sight – but it doesn’t stop him wanting him. And the feeling is mutual…


One Long Hot Summer is part of Xcite’s “Secret Library” range, consisting of three heterosexual novellas. My one is called ‘Just Another Lady’ and is available as a standalone novella. A Regency Period story of sex, romance and scandal, it was published in May 2012.




Thrace is a science fiction anthology, consisting of three novella length stories. It is definitely one of the favourite things I’ve ever written, and has had a lot of positive reviews and pretty much no readers, which is very very sad. It is set on the planet Gielgud, which is home to an indigenous (and androgynous) species called Tsygons, but which has been colonised by humans, who have pretty much taken over the place. The stories are very plotty, especially the first and third, but with a certain amount of sexual content as well (because, well, it’s me, and that tends to be how my stories come). But I honestly think it’s quite good…

Love, Sex, Pleasure and Pain – an anthology of short erotic fiction – is published by eXcessica. It is a set of twelve short stories covering a whole range of sexual experiences and persuasions.

Love, Lust, Loss is an anthology of lesbian stories, from gentle sweet love affairs to steamy hot encounters. It was published by eXcessica in February 2012.



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