Hi, I’m Penelope Friday!

I’m lucky enough to write all sorts of things – fiction, non-fiction and poetry! My favourite areas of interest are sexuality, disability, and the Regency Period, though. These days, I seem to be moving ever further into an obsession with the Regency Period (and the surrounding years of the early 19th Century). I write regular articles for Jane Austen’s Regency World magazine, and am currently writing my second novel set in the early 19th Century (the first, Petticoats and Promises, can be bought here). I’ve also written a number of erotic short stories (of various persuasions) and erotic romance novels and novellas, but I don’t stop there! I’ve been known to branch out into all sorts of things such as poetry, science fiction, and even articles on subjects as diverse as cookery, clothes swapping, and Paganism.

Do read my blog to get an idea of what I’m like! I also blog for the Huffington Post from time to time. 🙂

Of late, I’ve also set up a knitting business, which you can find on Facebook and Twitter. Please note that the name ‘Friday Yarns’ is intentionally pun-laden: I write yarns and I knit with… yarn. I couldn’t resist!

If you want to contact me about anything, you can email me at penfriday@gmail.com or find me on twitter. I’m very friendly, and I don’t bite unless people want me to 🙂

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