Friday Fiction

Yes, I know it’s Saturday, but that loses not only the alliteration but also the link with my name 🙂 Anyway, I thought I’d post one of my earliest stories, just as a sort of celebration of a decade of writing. I like to think I write even better now, but it’s not bad…


Housemate Potential

The Harley’s engine went from a loud roar to a dull murmur and then silence as it came to a standstill. Rob swung one leatherclad leg after another from the bike, checked the number of the house and walked firmly up the path. This was the right house, the place advertising for a housemate.

The door opened just as Rob got to it. The guy was around Rob’s height (an inch or so under six foot), with blond hair and an uncertain smile.

I’m here about the room.”

Sorry?” he said vaguely.

Rob stripped the gloves from long-fingered hands, and pushed the helmet up. Blond-guy looked – glanced away – looked again – as her dark hair tumbled down onto her shoulders.

Oh. You’re…. um…”

Very tall for a woman,” Rob supplied dryly.

Yeah,” he said weakly.

She watched him glance over her body, knowing that he was looking for the signs that should have told him before that she was female: pausing a second on the snug leather jacket that hinted at her small rounded breasts before slipping lower. She allowed her own eyes to do the same, and was made aware that he was not displeased by what he saw.

The room?” she pressed again.

Oh yeah. I’m Alex, by the way.”


He half held out a hand, then dropped it as he realised that her hands were full with her helmet and gloves.

Do you want to leave these down here? They’ll be quite safe.”

Rob piled her things neatly on the dresser by the door and followed him towards the staircase.

It’s up here.”

Rob saw with amusement that he was having difficulty keeping his eyes off her. Presumably when he advertised for a housemate, a six-foot biker girl had not been his imagined respondent. All the same… he didn’t seem precisely upset. She followed close behind him on the stairs, making sure that he was ever aware of her presence, of her closeness – of her femininity.

Have you lived here long?” she murmured.

He jumped. Physically jumped. Rob bit back a smile: she oughtn’t to be doing this, but it was too tempting. He was too aware of her.

N-no…” He paused. “No, I haven’t,” he said more collectedly.

Chatty, aren’t you?”

They’d reached the top of the stairs. He turned round to her and gave the apologetic smile again “You… er… disconcert me.”

Rob raised an eyebrow.

Not much contact with women?”

Not with women like you.” He clearly regretted it the minute he’d said it, blushing a deep crimson that spread from his face to his neck.

Again, Rob was forced to swallow her grin. Was this boy really as innocent as he seemed? Surely no one could be that naive? She wouldn’t mind discovering, either way.

So show me the bedroom,” she invited.

She heard his sharp intake of breath, but kept her eyes coolly fixed on his face, expression neutral. If he wanted, well, what it seemed like he wanted, he would have to make it clearer than this. And as the throb began to start between her thighs… she hoped that he would show her precisely what he needed.

Through here.”

She brushed against him as they moved through the doorway into the small room, which was dominated by a double bed. He was still aroused: she could feel it, could hear the still uncertain breathing that showed his interest. Let him wait. Let him wait and wonder.

Nice décor.”

The sarcasm was clear but not unkind. The room appeared to have been last decorated in the 1970s; psychedelic flowered wallpaper gave the room a claustrophobic edge. It made the mind spin as if delirious… made people act in ways perhaps unusual to them.

It was perfect.

Um… you – I mean, whoever moves in – could always redecorate,” Alex said.

She was standing just behind him.

But do you think you’d like my way of redecorating?” she whispered in his ear.

He turned his head, fast, to look at her. Their similarity in height was at its most obvious now. Their eyes were on the same level – and so were their mouths. Rob waited.

I…” He leaned forwards and kissed her mouth.

He was still uncertain, Rob thought with amusement. What did he think she’d do to him? What – her heart rate quickened and she increased the pressure of their kiss – did he hope she’d do to him? She moved away, and looked at him thoughtfully. His eyes had shut when they kissed, but she had kept hers open, wanting to use every sense available.

I think I might,” he muttered. “Like it your way, I mean.”

That sounds promising.”

Rob pulled the zip of her jacket down slowly, still keeping her eyes on Alex. She shrugged her shoulders out of it, and the leather creaked slightly as she pulled her arms out.

Hot in here, isn’t it?” she said conversationally.


Likely to get hotter, do you think?”

I don’t know.” But his breathing, she noted, was irregular.

I’ve always liked it hot. You?”

Depends where I am.”

And how out of your depth you are, thought Rob. Alex was hesitant – very hesitant – but definitely not unwilling. Guiding him through, introducing him to new experiences, would be particularly satisfying. She would be kind (of course), and although she couldn’t guarantee it, she intended him nothing but pleasure. On her terms, obviously: that much was understood.

She ran a hand across the back of her neck, underneath the cascade of brown hair.“Are you hot?”

Warm,” he admitted.

It’s that jumper. Let me help you off with it.”

Rob slid her hands underneath the jumper. He was wearing a thin cotton shirt, and she could feel his muscles through the material. She slid her hands upwards, taking the jumper with them; he bent his head to allow her to pull the material free.

Is that better?”

I guess,” he answered


If he was intending to wait for her to make all the moves, he was going to be sorely disappointed. He would have to work for his pleasure.

She sat down on the bed, and took another look around the bedroom.

A large bed for the size of room, isn’t it?” she suggested.

People seem to prefer it,” he said uncomfortably, his eyes anywhere but on her face. “They like to have room.”

Room for what?”

Well, whatever, really, I guess.”

And is there room enough for you here?”

He looked at her, scanning her body in embarrassed fashion. Was he going to take the opportunity or not? Rob still wasn’t certain, which made it all the more interesting. He’d like to, she was sure of that – but his inhibitions were strong. There was a long uncomfortable silence that she made no move to break. Then

Yeah,” he said at last. “At least, I think so. And you?”

And me.” She reached out and stroked a hand down his thigh. “Why don’t you come and sit down?”

He obeyed. Rob was pleased. Alex might be shy, but he knew what he wanted. If they were lucky, their wants might even overlap. She leaned down to undo her bootlaces, and felt a warm dry hand on her arm.

Let me.” It was more a request than an instruction; and the pink flush was again on his cheeks.

She raised her eyebrows. Well, at any rate he seemed to be a quick learner. This might be even better than she had imagined! Lazily, she lifted a leg and placed one booted foot on his lap. Her boot was too solid to give her a good impression of his state of arousal, but he seemed keen enough. His fingers were slow but certain as he pulled the laces apart and slipped the first boot from her foot. She could feel his erection now, and she rubbed the sole of her foot suggestively against the bulge in his trousers.

You’re good,” she approved.

The other foot?” He was biting back his stammer in every word, his excitement obvious.

She lifted her other foot over the first so that her feet were crossed. Whilst he pulled at the fastenings of her left boot, she continued to move her right foot slowly and sensuously against him. His hands were more unsteady now: she had distracted him too much.

Why don’t you undress?” she asked lazily. “I do believe the temperature is beginning to rise a little, don’t you?”

Mmm, it is warm.”

She jerked her head towards the middle of the room, and he stood up.


Start with your shirt,” she advised. “Work your way down.”

He nodded, and raised his hands to the top button. Rob could see that he was trying not to rush, yet at the same time was finding it hard to control his impatience. She lay back on the bed, her head resting on one hand, and watched in silence. When the shirt had fallen to his feet he hesitated for a second, and gave her a quick glance.

Belt,” she said briefly. “Then trousers. And take your socks off.”

He undressed nervously, and she read his mind.

Don’t worry. You won’t disappoint.”

Not if the feeling between her legs was anything to go by. The very thought of taking him was turning her on. She ran a hand across her front, feeling the hard nipples through the thick material. He would be able to see the peaks, to know that she wanted this. Perhaps it would reassure him.

When he was standing naked in front of her she beckoned him over and kissed him again.

My turn now.”

She pulled him down so that he was on the bed beside her, and then she stood up.

Let me tell you something, Alex,” she said huskily, noting the look of eager frustration on his face. “The anticipation adds to the event itself. You may be sure of that.”

Her tongue flickered round her lips, wetting them and leaving them glistening with moisture. The red top was whisked over her head, and thrown casually to the floor. She wore no bra. Her hands went deliberately to the button on her leather trousers and then paused. Alex’s hand had slipped down and he was touching himself with a desperate need.

Hands off,” she said sharply. “No cheating.”


She stood absolutely still, hands waiting at the waist of her trousers, exposed from that point upwards. Now was the time to discover whether he was really prepared to learn. He pouted – positively, he pouted – but his hand dropped to his side as she had demanded.

Good boy.”

She had teased him enough, Rob thought. The trousers were tight, and they needed a firm hand to slip them down her legs, along with the black, delicate knickers that she was wearing underneath. She was aware that he could not look away from her, and she enjoyed the sense of power that he was prepared to give her.

I’m looking forward to this,” she said gently. “Are you?”

I think so.”

Alex’s hand was slipping towards his cock once more.

I’ve got a better idea.”

Rob knelt in front of him and opened her mouth, allowing him to slide into its wet depths. She moved slowly, deliberately, making sure that he was aware of every millimetre of movement. She breathed in deeply, revelling in the masculine odour: he was clean, yet musky scented.

You taste good,” she said as she lifted her head, her tongue curling once more around her lips. “How do you feel?”

His eyes were shut and he had thrust an arm across his face and was biting into the soft flesh of his arm to prevent himself from moaning aloud. Rob smiled, as she got to her feet.

Let me find out what you feel like,” she said suggestively.

She pushed him onto his back, her hands around his wrists. She forced his arms either side of his head and stood over him, looking down on his body. He was in good shape. His muscles were clearly defined, and the light spattering of gold-blond hair across his chest tempted her to put her mouth to it.

Do you want me?”

He mumbled something that might have been acquiescence, but Rob wanted a firm confirmation. She would not allow him to suggest that he had not been, at all times, a willing – more than willing – partner.

Do you want me?” she asked again, a steely note in her voice.

You know I do.”

That’s all I wanted to hear.”

She positioned herself over him and guided him inside her, before returning her hands to their vice-like grip on his arms.

You do feel good,” she mused aloud.



He was trying to move from his position underneath her, but she wouldn’t allow that. She was in control; it was she who would make the moves. She always did—at least, these days.

Oh, you want more?” she asked.


She moved, rocking back and forth on top of him, her eyes open. She could hear his urgent breathing, the small groaning sound in each breath he took. Her own breath was coming faster now; she could feel her heart pounding in her chest. Fast, fast, faster – the movement was all-consuming, all-important; she had no desire to tease him any more, just to continue to move, to reach the moment of climax.

He came first, and the pulse of his orgasm triggered hers. She heard, as if from a distance, him groan out her name in his pleasure: her own climax was as always silent, private, unshared.

She lay on top of him as she tried to regain her breath, to re-master herself. Then, as he was still gasping, she stood and dressed.

Let me know about the room,” she said as she left.

I’ll call you,” Alex said breathlessly.

Rob wondered if he would

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