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Satisfied Saturday Six

Happy Christmas to those who celebrate! Enjoy the glorious late December days, everyone else 🙂

  1. I am feeling all loved up today because it is twenty-one years precisely since I first kissed Lovely Partner. Can I just point out how exceptionally young I was at the time? 😉 Anyway, we are very happy and in love (at least, I am – I shouldn’t speak for him, I guess!) so it was the best Christmas kiss ever.
  2. I am feeling doubly loved up because I discovered I was pregnant twelve years ago today, with Splendid Son. It was quite early to find out, but I wanted to make sure I could drink alcohol on Christmas Day, so I took a test. I couldn’t. I didn’t mind, strangely enough!
  3. My lovely sister is down staying with my parents, and I got to spend some time with her yesterday, which was very nice. Especially as a friend – originally her friend, but I’m co-opting her as my own as well – came over with her family, which made for chaos, but lovely chaos. (I admit I’ve spent most of today in bed, mind!)
  4. I have been making some new online friends this week, which is very pleasing. As I don’t get out much, making friends online is really important to me – plus, I tend to interact better in writing than in person, which means that it’s a great way for me to ‘meet’ people (and I end up meeting quite a lot of them in person in the end).
  5. The proofs of Love Plus One have come through for a final check. Very exciting – it makes everything seem very close now!
  6. I dyed my hair and now it is bright blue and very cheerful.