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Satisfied Saturday Six

Happy Christmas to those who celebrate! Enjoy the glorious late December days, everyone else 🙂

  1. I am feeling all loved up today because it is twenty-one years precisely since I first kissed Lovely Partner. Can I just point out how exceptionally young I was at the time? 😉 Anyway, we are very happy and in love (at least, I am – I shouldn’t speak for him, I guess!) so it was the best Christmas kiss ever.
  2. I am feeling doubly loved up because I discovered I was pregnant twelve years ago today, with Splendid Son. It was quite early to find out, but I wanted to make sure I could drink alcohol on Christmas Day, so I took a test. I couldn’t. I didn’t mind, strangely enough!
  3. My lovely sister is down staying with my parents, and I got to spend some time with her yesterday, which was very nice. Especially as a friend – originally her friend, but I’m co-opting her as my own as well – came over with her family, which made for chaos, but lovely chaos. (I admit I’ve spent most of today in bed, mind!)
  4. I have been making some new online friends this week, which is very pleasing. As I don’t get out much, making friends online is really important to me – plus, I tend to interact better in writing than in person, which means that it’s a great way for me to ‘meet’ people (and I end up meeting quite a lot of them in person in the end).
  5. The proofs of Love Plus One have come through for a final check. Very exciting – it makes everything seem very close now!
  6. I dyed my hair and now it is bright blue and very cheerful.

Satisfied Saturday Six

The SSS celebrates six things that have gone well, or at least okay, in the past week. It is the creation of Terry Egan, who is all things wonderful.

1. This Thursday, I got to meet a very old friend whom I had never met in person before. We’ve been friends for over 15 years online, but as she lives in Alaska and I in the UK, trying to meet up has not been realistically. By chance, however, she was around locally just for one day – and I got to go and actually meet up! Fabulous.

2. I have finished the first draft of my article on toilet habits in the Regency Period. Not something I’d ever researched before, but it was strangely fascinating. And once again reminded me that I’m glad to live in a world of flushing toilets.

3. The sekrit project I mentioned last week is going from strength to strength and should hopefully be officially launched this week. Look out for a Huff Post story about it, as well as me going on about it all over Facebook and Twitter…

4. I ordered various things online recently, and they have been drifting through the post. Even when it’s something like a feather duster, or a maths book, it’s somehow still quite exciting to get parcels through the door! (And yes, I had ordered both of those things. Welcome to my world!)

5. Having damaged my back rather nastily a week ago, it’s feeling much better now. I had a few days of swearing and taking painkillers in large doses, and it has slowly been recovering so that now it’s not too bad as long as I don’t make any sudden twisty motions. (Or knit. Annoyingly, there is apparently a ‘knitting’ muscle in one’s back.)

6. I’ve been trying to lose weight for a while, and it’s finally beginning to pay off. I noticed in a recent photograph of myself that I didn’t look quite so enormous. As I’m unable to exercise, it’s really quite a challenge, so I’m quite proud of having managed to lose a bit.