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Satisfied Saturday Six



  1. As I think I’ve probably gone on about more than anyone needs to know, my health is not the best thing in the world. But I have been put on a new medicine recently, and it really seems to be having a good effect. I’m amazed and delighted, and suddenly back at the point of going “oh my goodness, doctoring is like *magic* sometimes, isn’t it?!”
  2. My next novel, The Sisterhood, is available for pre-order on Amazon.com, in all its “look, it has an amazing cover!” glory. I’m a bit self-conscious about this one, because it’s (by my standards) quite a grown-up novel and I’m rather proud of it. Which means that I’m terrified everyone else is going to hate it, of course!
  3. I had my hair cut really quite short a fortnight ago, and intended to colour it purple. However, I seem to have ended up with very short, ginger-and-green hair. Weirdly, it seems to suit me, and I want to keep it!
  4. I’m currently editing a set of three gay erotic stories for Nine Star Press. Whilst editing is never an entirely wonderful experience, I have always found (which says a lot for my editors) that it is a good and useful one, because my stories always end up the better for it. My stories are ending up the better for the editing. 🙂 And I tend to enjoy it a lot more than I think I will!
  5. I’ve spent time either by phone or in person with my close family this week, and goodness, it is a good thing! I am exceedingly lucky in that sense. Dear relations, you are all rather wonderful!
  6. I bought some new clothes this week. I am not inclined in that direction, which makes it worth a comment! But it is nice to have a few things which actually fit me 🙂

Satisfied Saturday Six

The SSS celebrates six things that have gone well, or at least okay, in the past week. It is the creation of Terry Egan, who is all things wonderful.

  1. Lovely Partner and I are going to Berlin at the end of next week, which has been taking up a lot of our minds this week. We now have money and tickets sorted, and are planning all sorts of places to go (plus meeting up with old friends, which should be excellent!), which is really exciting! (No SSS next week, by the way, since I will hopefully be Far Too Busy Having Fun!)

2. I submitted another couple of stories this week, which felt terribly brave. But I prefer having lots of things out so that when the rejections start rolling in, there’s still hope that something else may get accepted 🙂

3. I’ve also been in contact with someone about taking part in a festival later in the year. Nothing more to tell about it at the moment, and it may yet come to nothing, but it’s quite an exciting thought.

4. The story I started last week seems to have managed to get itself to 20,000 words. I’m not quite sure how it’s managed that (I anticipated it finishing at about 15,000; but there’s still at least another 1000 and possibly more to go) but it seems to be going well in its own sweet way, so I’ll just go with it.

5. Splendid Son and I are going to the football this afternoon, which is always an interesting experience. Sadly, our team almost never wins and is one of the worst in the league; however, there is something special about being there and feeling like you’re involved. We sit very close to the home dugout, too, which gives us an interesting perspective on things.

6. Ooh, I went clothes shopping this week after my best friend kindly gave me money and told me to go and buy something that fitted me for my birthday. I now actually own a pair of trousers which fit, and a very pleasing blue jumper which my cats will try and nibble holes in at the first available moment.

Satisfied Saturday Six

The SSS celebrates six things that have gone well, or at least okay, in the past week. It is the creation of Terry Egan, who is all things wonderful.

  1. My sister and nephew have been down for most of the past week, which has been splendid!

2. I am trying to re-learn about twitter, and will be trying to tweet from both my @penelopefriday account and my newly set up @friday_yarns account, on writing (the former), knitting (the latter) and random topics (either or both)!

3. I’ve got a fair bit of The Sisterhood edited. It’s almost certainly going to hit 90k before I’m happy with it (I added 2000 words today, sort of accidentally), and when I’ve done this first round of edits, there will be another round to do (so I’d better hurry up, eh?) but it’s improving all the time, I think.

4. My Zula-cat, who has been quite skittish lately, has been a little bit more friendly over the past few days. (Of course, I write that at a moment where she appears to have vanished, but oh well.) Possibly it took her this long to forgive me for going away in late August, but it’s nice to have her back being purry and friendly.

5. My sister brought down some of the clothes that in her slimness she has grown out of. Which means new clothes for me!!! Very pleasing, though I wouldn’t mind being slimmer myself, either!

6. Ooh, I completed a Sekrit Project a couple of days ago. It’s a present for someone, so I can’t say any more, but I’m really pleased at how it turned out.