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The Sisterhood

I’m so thrilled to announce that ‘The Sisterhood’, my historical lesbian novel, is out! And I have received my author copies and this is a picture of me looking suitably delighted 🙂



“The simple fact was that Charity Bellingham should have been born a boy.”


But she wasn’t, and when she meets the beautiful, kind Isobelle Greenaway, she gets the opportunity to learn a lot about herself and London society, not to mention getting involved in the movement for the abolition of slavery and being introduced to ‘The Sisterhood’, a secret society of ladies…

Friday Fiction

Today I’m offering you an excerpt from Loving My Lady, the Regency novella which came out last week. Hope you enjoy it.


I do not think that I knew what love was before that moment. I had loved my father, of course, with the obligation of a righteous daughter; the romantic love the poets write of, though, had never previously touched my life.

She stepped down.

The one and only “she” there would ever be for me. My eyes met hers for a second, and I was first to look away. This was not the elderly lady I remembered from my childhood. Who, then, was she?

“You are most welcome,” I stammered. “Um… Lady Dennyson…”


“…is expected shortly, I imagine?”

“I beg your pardon?”

She strolled toward me. I would have died for a dress such as the one she wore with so much elegance.

“When do you expect Lady Dennyson?” I asked shyly.

There was a pause, followed by the most beautiful laughter I had ever heard — even though it was at my expense.

“My dear!” she exclaimed. “Cordelia — I may call you that, may I not?”

My voice too unsteady for words at the sound of my name on her lips, I nodded.

“I am Lady Dennyson.”


“Surely you did not expect my mother-in-law?” she laughed.

Mother-in-law? Then she was… then my cousin Adam (unknown, therefore unavoidably unmissed) must… must be married — married and dead.

“Lady Dennyson?”

She smiled.

“That is indeed my name.”

Unbidden, unexpectedly, I curtsied — as if I were a maid. Well, perhaps a companion was on such a level.

“My lady.”

One hand pinched my chin, the other slid luxuriously down my arm like velvet.

“You need not call me that. I am Lady Juliet, and you are my Cordelia.”

Satisfied Saturday Six


The SSS celebrates six things that have gone well, or at least okay, in the past week. It is the creation of Terry Egan, who is all things wonderful.

  1. My sister, niece and nephew were down staying locally for a few days at the beginning of the week. It was extremely splendid to see them!
  2. I have got the first draft of my latest article for Jane Austen’s Regency World finished this week – it’s about men who live off other people’s money…
  3. Lovely Partner, who has been feeling unwell ever since we came back from Berlin at the beginning of the month, is finally feeling a bit better, which is good news.
  4. My (lesbian regency) novella, Loving My Lady, is due to be published by eXcessica next month, and the cover design has just been completed! It’s gorgeous – look! (I’m just checking the cover artist’s details and will link to her when possible.)cover2
  5. I’ve  finished the first draft of one of the novellas I’ve been writing over the last month or so. I’m having second thoughts about one of them – I’d envisaged a set of three – but it’s good to have one finished.
  6.  Splendid Son and I went to see a friend of mine with two small boys. We had a great time, and he was ever so good with the little ones!