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Satisfied Saturday Six

The SSS celebrates six things that have gone well, or at least okay, in the past week. It is the creation of Terry Egan, who is all things wonderful.

  1. I have friends visiting! This is absolutely excellent, and I’m having a brilliant time. With any luck, they are having a reasonable time also.
  2. I have finished the final edits on All About The Boy, a gay erotic anthology which is coming out with Nine Star Press on 25th July. Looking forward to that!
  3. My cat Rory, who was unwell last week to the point of staying overnight at the vets’, has made an apparent full recovery and is back to his brattish best. This is such a relief.
  4. Splendid Son got some results from some standardised tests and appears to have done marvellously well on them, which is really good news. I’m very proud of him.
  5. I went to the doctor this week and am now being treated for depression. Whilst it’s obviously not good that I have a definite relapse of what is for me a sporadic illness, it is definitely a good thing that I am being treated for it and will hopefully therefore improve over time.
  6. I have been reading some of JL Merrow’s books which I’ve not read before. Bloody hell, she’s good. I thoroughly recommend them, and it is SO NICE to be reading something new which I’m so unreservedly enjoying.

Satisfied Saturday Six

The SSS celebrates six things that have gone well, or at least okay, in the past week. It is the creation of Terry Egan, who is all things wonderful.

Well, this has been another trying week. I do have non-trying weeks, I promise! Nevertheless, there are always good things to find.

  1. I finished and submitted The Sisterhood! Which is very exciting, and a big relief.

2. I had lost a book I’ve been wanting to read for weeks, and I finally found it yesterday. This is probably more pleasing than it has any right to be.

3. Unfortunately, due to a lot of terrible things, one after another, I had to pull out of a weekend I’d promised to attend. This, obviously, is not at all good – but the organisers were wonderfully supportive and understanding about it and that makes such a big difference! Much gratefulness to them for that.

4. Both of my cats are being really cuddly at the moment. It’s probably because it’s colder and I’m nice and warm, but whatever the reason it’s much appreciated. (I like to think that it’s because they know I need cuddles, but you know. I’m a soppy cat owner. It’s probably the heat thing.)

5. My humans are also being wonderful. I have a great support system, you know? Sometimes life is pretty grim, and that’s just how it comes. But having the right people around me means that I know things will get better again. From the people I live with to the people I know only through Facebook – you’re all brilliant.

6. I was interviewed for ‘Kent Life’ magazine a while back. It turns out that the text (not, thankfully, the picture!) is now online.

Satisfied Saturday Six

  1. We’ve had a lovely holiday – another, less crowded, week in Cornwall when many schools had started back.
  2. My copy of this edition of Jane Austen’s Regency World was awaiting me when we got home last night – it has an article I wrote about alternative medicines in the Regency. Trust me, you should be grateful you live now!
  3. I have got my cats home – apparently, they caused a lot of fuss and bother during their time away, which is rather embarrassing. However, I did miss them and I’m glad to have them back with me.
  4. I had a lovely time last Sunday, not only with my boys but with my sister and assorted family. We got to spend time with fab family members, and actually also went to a gorgeous village I’d not visited before (in living memory) but which I’ll certainly be visiting again.
  5. I got most of my *whisper it* Christmas shopping done whilst I was away, too. I love present buying, so it was fun for that reason; it will also be useful as I have to help Child with all of his presents, which can be stressful unless I have plenty of time.
  6. None of the fishes managed to die whilst we were away. There are een a few more little babies, so I may have issues in the other direction in the not too distant future by having too many fish for the size of the tank. But at the moment, I am delighted that we seem to be able to keep fish alive, as long as Lovely Partner is responsible for everything!

Satisfied Saturday Six

The SSS celebrates six things that have gone well, or at least okay, in the past week. It is the creation of Terry Egan, who is all things wonderful.

1. My knitting is getting on quite well. I’ve taken it down to the park and knitted whilst watching Child play football, which is a lovely restful pursuit.

2.  I’ve written about half of my article about Regency Period cranks and quacks, and I’m thoroughly enjoying the research for it!

3. Ooh, I bought a bottle of Bollinger champagne last Sunday! I felt very outrageous. Sadly, it’s not for me, but a present for a family member having an Important Age birthday. But I don’t mind – it’s the entertainment of having bought it at all that I was very much amused by.

4. I might as well mention it here, as it is soon to be properly official: I am in the process of losing my employment (as opposed to self-employed writing). This is, obviously, not something to be satisfied about but after a meeting on Tuesday, I was reassured that the quality of my work had never been a problem – the problem is simply that through no one’s fault, I am simply too ill to go out to work. It’s nice to know that I did a really good job whilst I was there (and even I can’t doubt the sincerity of my ex-work on this matter). It is very sad – I was, and remain, passionate about the job; but I can’t hold my workplace to blame for needing someone who can actually be there, nor can I magic myself better in order to go back.

5. I seem to have lost a bit of weight this week. It probably just means I’ll put it back on again next week, but it’s still quite pleasing.

6. I had to take Rory-cat to the vet on Thursday for his booster injections. She told me he was “perfect”. OF COURSE HE IS – but it’s always nice when someone else mentions it!

Satisfied Saturday Six

The SSS celebrates six things that have gone well, or at least okay, in the past week. It is the creation of Terry Egan, who is all things wonderful.

Well. This has not been my best week ever. So it’s even more important than usual to focus on the positives.

1. I successfully(ish) managed to paint a small section of wall which had been a dreary concrete colour. It improves our kitchen immensely.

2. The election results, whilst not (at all) what I wanted, have given me a distinct idea of the sort of world I want to live in, and some ways of moving forward personally and with like-minded folk to try and move our country in that direction.

3. I’m also really appreciating the friends and family I have. They are most excellent people.

4. Child has been agitating to join a local football club, and I just heard this morning that he can start next Saturday, which will please him.

5. My cats are gorgeous and cuddly.

6. It is still mostly sunny and we are making the most of it, spending hours at the park.

Satisfied Saturday Six

1. I’ve read some really interesting books this week, including Joanna Trollope’s updated version of Sense and Sensibility. Also For The Record, by Ellie Irving, which Child lent me and which was fab.

2. Writing a poem last Sunday, out of the blue, was fun. It’s not Wonderful Po-tree. But it was silly and fun.

3. I am, rather meanly, enjoying watching UKIP implode in the weeks up to the election. Sorry, but it’s true.

4. Last Thursday, I invited one of Child’s friends home for tea. I try to do this at least once every half term (we have unofficial visits from the boy-who-lives-round-the-corner regularly, but that’s different) and it makes me feel like I am doing Worthy Motherly Things.

5. When you’re not feeling well (and even when you are), there is something ineffably consoling about having a lapful of cats.

6. Although I’m still car-less, I have a most wonderful ‘dalek’ so I can pick up Child from school without needing anyone else to help me.

Satisfied Saturday Six

The SSS celebrates six things that have gone well, or at least okay, in the past week. It is the creation of Terry Egan, who is all things wonderful.

1. I’ve written about half of my article for Jane Austen’s Regency World magazine. I’m looking at what modern medicine might make of some of her characters… and it’s an interesting ride!

2. We have a Christmas tree! And it has sparkly lights! I like sparkly lights. AND I’ve received some Christmas cards, which is both lovely and slightly guilt-inducing because I’ve failed to get around to sending any this year. But it is lovely to have them around the place being cheerful at me.

3. I’ve started blogging again, which will hopefully stay as a Usual Thing from now on.

4. Thanks to my latest story (in Hired Hands), I have this week introduced my mother to the words ‘gaydar’ and ‘wankfest’. It is always useful to educate family 🙂

5. I keep having to go back to the doctor with health problems (I have ME/CFIDS, for anyone who doesn’t know), which isn’t good, obviously, but he is being about as supportive as he can be, which makes such a difference.

6. My cats are as good as television and much more cuddly! I have been watching them play chase around the house and then curl up to fall asleep on my lap 🙂