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Slightly Frustrated Self-Promotion (Day 3)

So, on to Day 3 of promoting Thrace. We’ve had Let Tsygons Be Tsygons and Electric High, so now let me introduce you to An Equal Opportunity Murderer.


The obligatory quick reminder of what Thrace is about:

Thrace is a science fiction anthology, consisting of three novella length stories. It is definitely one of the favourite things I’ve ever written, and has had a lot of positive reviews and pretty much no readers, which is very very sad. It is set on the planet Gielgud, which is home to an indigenous (and androgynous) species called Tsygons, but which has been colonised by humans, who have pretty much taken over the place. The stories are very plotty, especially the first and third, but with a certain amount of sexual content as well (because, well, it’s me, and that tends to be how my stories come). But I honestly think it’s quite good…


Although it’s the third story – and rightly so – in the anthology, An Equal Opportunity Murderer is, in fact, the first story set in Thrace which I wrote. It’s about a couple of crime operatives, Nick and X7612, and their attempt to track down a murderer who is killing both humans and Tsygons across the city. (And, incidentally – because I am that sort of a writer – deal with their attraction towards each other.)


You have no idea how difficult it was to find a suitable snippet from this story. Weird. It just doesn’t seem to have ‘snippetable’ sections. (But it does mean that I have just invented the word snippetable, which has to be worth something, yes?) So… to lead you up to this segment, Nick and X have been instructed by their boss to pick up an ‘ultra-reader’ (‘useful piece of tech’ to you and me) from Nick’s home. But they’re about to find out that their problems, chasing down a violent killer, have just got worse…


Nick’s rooms were on the first floor of the building. He had three; good going for a single guy. X7612 had never been there before, but then he’d never visited X’s place either. Even when they socialised, they tended to meet in the city. There was something a bit too personal about rooms. They were for established lovers, not friends. And X and Nick were nothing more than friends, he reiterated to himself.

X7612 pulled the bike to a kicking stop. “Here okay?”

“Yeah. Won’t be a second.” Nick was up the stairs before he had finished speaking. At his front door, he pressed his palm to the scanner and the door slid up. He took one step forward and then stopped dead. “X!” he yelled, leaving his rooms wide open as he dashed back down the steps. “X, for fuck’s sake…”

X7612 was sitting so still on the bike that zie almost looked as if zie was part of the machinery, hir dark gheil-dress blending nicely with the leather seat. Zie shut hir eyes, leaving only the middle one open and gleaming in the darkness.


Nick swallowed, wondering whether he’d sprinted back to X for hir professional view or because he just needed to have someone he knew he could rely on around. Someone for support, not to mention comfort. “We’ve got problems.”


Satisfied Saturday Six

The SSS celebrates six things that have gone well, or at least okay, in the past week. It is the creation of Terry Egan, who is all things wonderful.

  1. Novella out today – hurray hurray hurray! My novella, Loving My Lady has been republished by eXcessica today. It’s the first long lesbian Regency story I wrote, and although it’s a few years old now, I’m still rather fond of it.
  2. I also signed a contract this week for an anthology of three stories to come out later this year with Nine Star Press, so look out for an interesting selection of gay erotica at some point. Lots of edits to do first, but I’m really pleased to be working with the company – they seem both friendly and very professional, which is an excellent combination.
  3. This week was lovely because I had a friend staying until Wednesday. I haven’t been as well as I might have been, so we didn’t exactly do a lot, but much fun was had nonetheless, and it was really excellent to spend time with her.
  4. I had a parent consultation with Splendid Son’s teacher this week, in which I was informed that he’s doing extremely well at school and on target to exceed expectations in his main subjects, which is very pleasing. Best of all, though, the teacher was very pleased about his love of learning, which I hope he will keep throughout his life.
  5. After a massive upset with my editing and computers last week (one broke, and the temporary replacements failed to allow me to edit my novel), I am back on track with a new-to-me laptop and am two thirds of the way through the first round of edits on The Sisterhood, which is excellent. (The fact that I am two thirds of the way through is excellent; I don’t speak for the quality of the novel itself, though I don’t think it’s too bad, actually.) And look – it’s being trailed on Amazon already 🙂
  6. I’ve finished the first draft of another of the novellas which have been occupying my mind since January. That’s two now completed, and I have quite a lot more writing on the subject of the characters as well. It’s a case of working out how to put it together which is occupying my mind at the moment – or those bits of my mind not taken up with everything else I’m doing, anyway!

Satisfied Saturday Six

The SSS celebrates six things that have gone well, or at least okay, in the past week. It is the creation of Terry Egan, who is all things wonderful.

^ I forgot to post this heading last week: huge apologies to Terry for that.

  1. It was my lovely son’s 10th birthday on Monday, which was quite the most important thing which happened this week. Double figures and everything – he’s getting very grown up!
  2. I met Rachael Hale, the History Magpie, this week for a chat, which was ever so pleasing! She’s writing a piece about local writers with an interest in history, and I was gabbling on at top speed about Georgian and Regency things. It’ll be amazing if she caught a single word, but it was really great to talk to her.
  3. Ooh, ooh, ooh, Thrace has been republished this week!  It’s a sci fi anthology of 3 novellas, each between 10,000 and 15,000 words and I consider it one of the best things I’ve written (as do the reviewers who have commented on Good Reads about it). Sadly it got very little sales first time around so I’m hoping for better this time. If you’re in to non-gendered aliens with tails (and if you aren’t, why on earth not?!), take a look at it. (More on this in a different post soon, I hope.)
  4. I also managed to type up a whole screed of the new novel, The Sisterhood, and write another couple of thousand words this week. I keep finding more things I need to research, but I am enjoying the story very much! I know I’m not writing for ‘me’ exactly, but it doesn’t half help confidence if I feel happy about what I’m writing.
  5. I went to the bookshops at the two universities local to me (Kent University, at which I studied many moons ago, and Christ Church University, at which I worked for more than a decade until I became too ill this year) and they’ve both agreed to stock Petticoats and Promises, which is splendid news.
  6. We’ve had a couple of days of sunny weather, which is lovely when we’re on the cusp of autumn.