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Satisfied Saturday Six

The SSS celebrates six things that have gone well, or at least okay, in the past week. It is the creation of Terry Egan, who is all things wonderful.

This has been a truly lovely week, so this should be an absolute breeze today! What’s more, it is mostly a PEOPLE-Y entry, which is singularly improbable from your neighbourhood antisocial writerly type 🙂

  1. I spent a wonderful Easter weekend with my excellent sister, who cooked amazing food and fed me wine and encouraged me to sing and rest. It was absolutely delightful.
  2. From there, I went on to Wales to visit some gorgeous friends who live far too far away from me. Having had another look at the beautiful scenery and surroundings of Wales, I have to admit that I suspect that it is I who live in the wrong place and not them…
  3. We went to a Red Kite Feeding Station on one day, and saw dozens (literally dozens) of red kites really close up. The quality of my photo is not good (my tablet was not built or bought for photography) but this gives you an idea of the numbers…kites
  4. I also met a friend I’ve known on the internet for some time but never met in person before, who turns out to be even better in person than online; and re-met someone I met for the first time last summer and whom I already knew was splendid. 🙂
  5. In writing related news, I’m delighted that my story ‘Something You Really Want’ – which is the ‘short’ (around 8000 words) story which spawned the epic collection of stories I’ve been obsessed by for the past few months – was accepted by Xcite and will be published in their gay romance collection.
  6. And last night, I caught up over the terrifying telephone with an extremely old (as in long term, rather than ancient!) mate on the other side of the world. Love you to bits, Al.

Friday Fiction (Erotica)

Author’s Note: (a) Please note this excerpt is only suitable for over 18s. (b) This is an extract from the first Regency story I ever wrote, published by Xcite in the anthology ‘Ultimate Sins’ in 2007.


Beautiful Sin


Elizabeth dragged off her petticoat, which rustled sulkily as it dropped from her body. Lizzie’s fingers were already fighting the stay laces. The time for slowness had passed; they were both too impatient, too frustrated, too needy. Skin against skin against skin; the chemise was ruthlessly tugged away and Lizzie collapsed onto the bed with Catherine, legs tangling suggestively; hands pulling in Catherine’s hair; mouth warm and wet on her neck. Catherine arched her back, pushing her small, high breasts against Elizabeth, moaning at the delicious friction.


“Kate – Kate!”


Lizzie was humming a continuous note of pleasure against Catherine’s neck, the sound sending shivers through her. Catherine ran desperate, longing hands down Elizabeth’s back, cupping her bottom and pulling her closer, always closer.


“I want all of you – all of you,” she murmured huskily, rubbing up against Lizzie in every possible place.


There was a thin sheen of sweat covering both girls, and their bodies slid against each other. Catherine dug her nails into Lizzie, marking her in places no one else would ever see; and Lizzie bucked against her as the pleasure-pain hit. Then Catherine’s hand moved round between them, slipping between Elizabeth’s thighs and shifting back and forth, feeling the dampness within and knowing without words what Lizzie liked. Her fingers teased and twisted, finding the spots that pleased Elizabeth most; and Elizabeth squirmed in pleasure, her breathing accelerating, her hands still twisted through Catherine’s hair.


“There – oh yes, darling.”