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All About The Boy OUT TODAY!!!

Hurrah, my antho All About The Boy is released today.



Three smokin’ hot m/m erotic stories, with added kink for good measure, as I chatted to JL Merr0w about the other day. And then today, I have been talking to Gillian St. Kevern about writing short stories (she too was kind enough to host me – thank you very much, Gillian!)

Plus, it has its first review, from Boy Meets Boy! Let’s just say, they seemed to appreciate it – and they liked my favourite story, Pretty Little Straight Boy, best 🙂 So clearly, they have very good taste!

You can find a giveaway at all of the above links, so go along and see if you can win yourself a copy of All About The Boy. 🙂


Satisfied Saturday Six

The SSS celebrates six things that have gone well, or at least okay, in the past week. It is the creation of Terry Egan, who is all things wonderful.

1. Although I haven’t been feeling well this week, I’ve realised that there are definitely some factors which may be causing it, which is much better than having no idea what’s going on.

2. Child did very well in some assessments this week. I’m very proud of him.

3. I’m so lucky to have supportive family and friends to rant and/or angst to when things aren’t going well, and to share in my happiness when they are.

4. I’m still feeling very pleased about the review my novel got. Writing is terrifying to let out on an unsuspecting public, and I always worry that whatever it is I wrote is absolutely dire. But apparently not 🙂

5. We’re moving towards painting our bedroom. It is a shade of pale pink that I do not like at all, and I shall be delighted when at last it goes.

6. I’m glad to say that Lovely Partner did not (as I thought) have a nightmare the night before last. Nor (as he thought) did I. It was an earthquake. Well, of course. Earthquakes in deepest Kent – obvious answer really.


Wow, my book Petticoats and Promises has got a really lovely review.

“Told in the refreshingly simple yet eloquent voice of the deeply passionate and emotive Serena, this tale quickly becomes a surprising page-turner. It’s a tale that will keep the reader’s interest from beginning to end, engaging him/her in the period and the personalities of the times.”