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Friday Fiction (Pansy Learns A Lesson) 18+

So, my short story Pansy Learns A Lesson came out recently. It’s a sequel to Punishing Pansy, which I wrote quite some time ago and (despite what the middling reviews might tell you) has probably been my most successful short story ever.

Fancy a quick taster (as it were)?

Naughty Pansy is getting off at work again. But when her boss (and lover) catches her with another man, will she finally learn her lesson?

Warnings: This title contains explicit sex, including threesomes (M/F/M) and spanking.
Word Count: 2000



It was about twenty minutes before three when Pansy stopped innocently at Aaron’s desk. David had a meeting until three o’clock; he often liked to work off his frustrations with Pansy afterwards. But it also meant she was safe from him noticing her plotting… well, until she wanted him to see, that was.
“Aaron,” she breathed huskily. “There’s some sheets of A3 paper I need to get from the basement, but the shelf is too high for me to reach. Will you help me?”
Aaron glanced at her and then away. He was shy, then, and still uncertain of her motives. Even better. He got to his feet and she led him down the stairs. There was a little stepladder in front of the paper shelves, and Pansy climbed onto it, reaching her arms upwards as if trying to reach the highest shelf. Her skirt hitched higher around her thighs, and she heard a sharp intake of breath from Aaron.
“You see?” she asked, looking round, her arms still reaching up. “I’m just not quite big enough. But I saw you and I thought ‘Oh yes, Aaron is definitely big enough’.”

Welcome To The New Blog (and a freebie!)

I set this blog up and then thought that I ought to write something Really Impressive for the first post – which of course means, I didn’t post at all 🙂  So, I thought I’d start today anyway, with a quick intro to my best-selling story. Which is, despite being* the only story I’ve written which got a one star review at Amazon, Punishing Pansy.

Work is a place for working, not for illicit pleasures. When David catches his employee Pansy masturbating, he needs to teach her a lesson – and it seems Pansy is all too willing to be taught.

It’s short but hot (a bit like its author 😉 ) – a light-hearted spanking story, and frankly, who can say better than that? (The one star was because the reader complained that the story was short, just for information. Don’t let it put you off!)

Well, this being the first post in a new blog and everything, I think there really should be a prize on offer for those folk who’ve managed to read this far. So… not so long ago, I wrote the sequel to Punishing Pansy – called Pansy Learns A Lesson. It’s not actually out yet, but I will send an e-copy of it to the first five people (over 18s only, I’m afraid) to comment on this post.

What happens in the sequel? Well… there’s a new guy at work, and Pansy’s on the prowl… What’s David going to catch her at this time?


*to my knowledge – and if you know better, please don’t tell me!