Satisfied Saturday Six

The SSS celebrates six things that have gone well, or at least okay, in the past week. It is the creation of Terry Egan, who is all things wonderful.

  1. I’m thrilled to say that the Prequel to my novel Love Plus One, the aptly titled (I think, anyway!) One Plus One has officially been accepted by Ninestar Press. If you want to know the back story of how Laurie and James got together, and more about James’s and Al’s friendship, this is the story you need to read. (And if you don’t, why not?)
  2. I’m also terribly excited because I’ve had my first You Tube review of a story. Love Plus One was reviewed here and it is the best thing ever 🙂
  3. In news not to do with the Maths series (that’s the series name of the two books mentioned above), I managed to send off a horrible government form this week. I’m horribly disabled, and had to fill in details about everything I can’t do, which is probably one of the most depressing things to do in the world. But it is done, finished, posted. Hurrah.
  4. Today, I not only Managed To Leave The House (this doesn’t happen often), but I got to the football. We didn’t win (boo) but we didn’t lose either, despite TERRIBLE refereeing, which is of course entirely to blame!
  5. I managed to write nearly 24,000 words in January, despite everything. Most of them aren’t intended for publication, but I’ve started a new story in the Maths series (sorry, we’re back to that again) and potentially an entirely new novella/novel. It’s using a trope usually only seen in fanfiction – Omegaverse – but I don’t see why there shouldn’t be room to explore it with original characters and plot. (If you can see why, please let me know, as it would be useful information!)
  6. Lovely Partner and I celebrated (a little distractedly, as both of us had forgotten about it) our 14th Wedding Anniversary this week. Ironically, it is the elephant anniversary, which is pleasingly humorous – these elephants did, in fact, forget 😉

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