Satisfied Saturday Six

The SSS celebrates six things that have gone well, or at least okay, in the past week. It is the creation of Terry Egan, who is all things wonderful.


1. Spring has sprung! Or at least, we’ve had a week of sunny days and lighter evenings.


2. As a side-effect of #1, Child has been out playing with his friends most evenings this week. As he’s an only child, I like it when he’s able to play with other children, and to be honest, I’ve barely seen him this week!


3. I read 18 books during February, all of which were new to me (and only one of which was a children’s book, which is unusual for me). Some of them were brilliant, including Susan Lanigan’s White Feathers.


4. I got through a couple of medical appointments this week and feel like things are moving forward on this front. One next week, and NONE the week after! Joy!


5. I was really upset and angry earlier in the week, and got over the worst of it by swearing and ranting at whatever happened to be on the television. Over-reacting to such a big degree was cathartic and so out of proportion that I could eventually laugh at myself 😉


6. Both my parents have now read Petticoats and Promises, and both (rather to my surprise) enjoyed it. My mother-in-law has also been told about the book and given a copy, and I am informed was more impressed that I’d written it than scandalised about what I’d written 🙂 I definitely did well with my in-laws (and, indeed, my family!)

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